We offer a variety of transport including wastewater, goods and ADR.


• 2 vacuum trucks
Materials: stainless steel 316i
Content: 28.000 l
Test pressure: 4 bar
Workload: 2 bar
Manhole cover: 500mm
Under Unloading – Sealed – Safety valves and rupture discs
Hydraulic hardcover and hydraulic clamps
Equipped for the transportation of hazardous waste of following classes :
3 – 4.1 – 5.1 – 6.1 – 8 – 9
ADR approved

• 4 pumpers
Content : 30m³
2 ADR approved
2 non-ADR approved

• 4 Tipper trucks
Loading up to 26 tonnes
For transportation of solid waste

Waste transport

We have accreditation as a transporter of waste across Belgium, France, The Netherlands and Germany.

Adr vacuum transport

Our drivers have ADR licenses for both tank and packages.
The 2 vacuum trucks are ADR approved, as are 2 pumpers.
We also have numerous ADR-approved tank containers.

Transportation of goods

Besides waste transport, we also do freight with vacuum trucks and pump trucks, as well as ADR and non-ADR.

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